Funny Anecdotes

history-1When Jay was 3 years old, he was in the barn with his dad when a cow got loose. Jay was either too small to be seen or the cow wanted to teach him a lesson by walking right over top of Jay without even touching him.

And boys will be boys, Jay and the neighbor boys always liked to ride on the backs of cows. Well, when Jay was in the 9th grade, he was thrown off by one and his ankle was blown up like a balloon for a week. He has never gotten on the back of a cow since.

When Jay and Carol got married, fiascos with cows and animals continued, including pet raccoons and baby skunks. Everyone remembers when the bull got loose and chased Carol around a tree and finally up it! One time an 18 month old heifer jumped into the river and swam back and forth for a bit. She was finally corralled at the Geriatric Center. There was also a 4:30am phone call telling us there were 9 cows grazing on the open lot at 4th and Main Streets in Royersford. Oh, and let’s not forget the time Carol heard a cow in distress one fall afternoon. The cow needed help calving, there were no men around, so Carol delivered the calf herself – a thrilling moment for sure!