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Our farm is home to many animals including goats, cows, chickens, and even a turkey! Friends and families are more than welcome to come and visit these pets. Feel free to feed them, as well! Just ask one of our employees for crackers.

There are dwarf goats, chicken pens, and twenty-some cows. If you have visited the farm more recently, you probably saw the many calves that have been born in the past fall! 

Some customers recognize our largest cow as "Junior," who knows his name when called. Other names that you may have heard are Charlie and Charlotte, who are our oldest cows on the farm! They are just about twenty-years old. Diggy, Ms.Piggy, D.W., and Devil Dog are located in the goat pen and love cookie wafers!

Farmer Jay does a tremendous job at keeping all of his pets well fed and happy!

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